$load\n"; echo "$days Days $hours:$mins:$secs\n"; /** * WHMCS does not rely on the following version information for tracking * server status. * * Some 3rd-party integrations may rely on previous revisions of this file that * exposed said information. Users who have 3rd-party functionality which * require this may uncomment the lines at their own risk. * * Future revisions to this file may remove those commented lines and this * documentation block entirely. If a 3rd-party integration that you use * relies on this, please notify them that access to that information via * this script is deprecated as of WHMCS 5.3.9-release.1. * * Anyone is free to contact WHMCS Support for further information or help * resolving integration issues. */ //echo "$phpver\n"; //echo "$mysqlver\n"; //echo "$zendver\n"; }